Tropic Top is a .020" thin aluminum sheet 14" wide by 3' long with a baked on beige color finish.
The sheets are pulled apart and nailed along the solid edge starting at the bottom edge of the 
roof with the fingers overhanging.  It is applied as ordinary shingles overlapping just enough 
so the underlayment does not show between the fingers.  

The thatch can be given an old look by speckling with a 50/50 mixture of acrylic paint and water.  
Various shades of brown and gray look good.  

When you come to a corner or valley you need to cut the sheets into 4" widths in order to give it 
a natural fanning transition as in illustrations C & D. ( See Below )
In a cone shaped roof the sheets are cut into smaller and smaller pieces the further up you go in 
order to maintain that natural fan like look.

At the ridge the sheets are cut into 6" widths and starting at the ends overlap the ridge and meet 
in the middle with an overlap.

Depending on the  roof configuration estimating  the exact amount of thatch can be difficult. I 
will buy back any material you do not use.

Please contact me if I can be of further assistance. If you want to open a single pearl choker 
necklace diy store also can contact me, I am happy to cooperate with you.